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poker night!

This lineup fu****g ROCKS! Scott Ian of Anthrax, Gary Holt of Exodus, Dregen of Backyard Babies and Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral... and YOU?

All you have to do is to hit the "Enter competition" button on this page and you will be entered into a draw where 3 winners get a seat at the table! If you don't make it all the way to the table, no worries, cause we will also draw 15 winners (plus a friend) to join the Metal Casino crew in the audience. Join the competition and watch the mayhem unfold!


• You must be a registered player at Metal Casino to opt-in

• Prize includes entrance to the event for you and one guest. Accommodation and Travel is not included

• For the 3 winners that are selected to play poker, your buy-in to the table will be covered by Metal Casino

• 15 winners will be drawn. Each winner will be allowed to bring one guest. Of those 15 winners, 3 winners will be selected to join the poker table and play

• Winners of the draw will be contacted with details of the venue by 30th November. You must confirm that you will be attending on that day

• Event takes place on 4th December at a secret venue in Stockholm from 8pm - 12pm CET

• Each winner will be allowed to bring one guest to the event. Any persons who attempt to gain entrance without an invite will be refused entry

• All winnings from the charity poker game will go towards the Metal Casino Foundation

• This event will be live streamed on Metal Casino Live on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube. By opting in to this promotion you accept that you will be featured on the stream

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