Watch your wins explode in the latest from Relax Gaming’s Tumble series

Hit the epic bonus round to choose your own level of volatility - hell yeah!

The Tumble series from Relax Gaming has already been a huge hit with players, so it’s no surprise at all to see a new addition from the slot series. And though it features several of the same mechanisms as its predecessors, the new TNT Tumble slot is packed with action to keep you on your toes.

What we really loved about this slot is the ability to choose your preferred level of volatility when you hit the star of the show, the bonus game. We’ll go into this more later, but it’s a nice little sweetener to make it feel like you’re playing the game by your own rules. Throw in a nicely generous RTP of 96.11%, a bonus buy option, and maximum payouts of up to 12, 278 times your stake, and you’ve got a shred-worthy slot on your hands. Let’s go!


Get tumbling

The design is actually one of the most striking elements of TNT Tumble, since it’s quite unique for a slot. Yes, it’s set in a mine (which we’ve certainly seen before) - but it’s also set against a backdrop of the stunning Swiss mountainscape, which gives the feeling of the game a bit of a twist.

As the reference to ‘Tumble’ might suggest, the game uses a tumbling reels mechanism, where winning combinations will explode to allow for new symbols to drop into their place during the same spin. When you first start playing the game, you’ll notice that of the seven rows, only four will be covered in symbols - but the remaining three rows of stone can be blown away when adjacent symbols in a winning combination also explode. If you manage to blow away all three stone rows, this will see you hit the sought-after bonus round, which we’ll go through below.


Dynamite features

The first killer feature to note in TNT Tumble is the wild symbol. Not only does it perform the usual role, but when it forms part of a winning combination, you’ll see it drill down into the symbol beneath it. Which kind of makes sense, since the wild symbol is in fact in the form of a drill. This can have a pretty epic result if you start seeing wilds all over the grid - and if you were lucky enough to have a wild land at the top of the grid and drill down seven rows, you could be looking at a win of up to 50 times your bet.

The bonus game is really the only other feature available, but it sure does make for an exciting time. As mentioned, this is triggered when you manage to blast away the three rows of stone on the grid. It’s not going to happen often, but when it does… it hits hard. Before it kicks off, you’ll be presented with three options to choose from:

  • Medium volatility: Special stone blocks contain one, two, three, five or 10 extra spins
  • High volatility: Special stone blocks contain multipliers or extra spins
  • Very high volatility: Special stone blocks contain multipliers of 1x, 2x or 3x
Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll enter the bonus round, which kicks off with six free spins. During each spin, you could be lucky enough to see special symbols, which will be in the form of either extra spins or multipliers, depending on the option you chose in the beginning. As you blast these symbols away, their action will come into play to make the bonus round even more epic.

One more thing to mention on this - if you can’t wait around to blast away the stone rows and trigger the bonus round yourself, you do have a bonus buy option to trigger the feature instantly for a cost of 70 times your stake.



If you’ve played some of Relax Gaming’s previous slots from the Tumble series, this new slot isn’t going to be completely revolutionary - but with a killer free spins round, ranging volatility, the chance to buy the bonus and stunning graphics, it’s definitely still worth a whirl. We also really enjoyed how Relax has made use of the wild drill symbol, which actually can drill into other symbols to take you for a wild ride. A big horns up from us - get in there and get shreddin’!


Play TNT Tumble HERE


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