Testament brings out the thrash

Play’n Go's goes all-in for thrash metal legends Testament - with their most volatile game ever


If hard-hitting soundtracks and absolute maximum volatility action isn’t your thing, then look away now. Play’n Go’s latest rock slot features Testament, the American thrash metal band that’s been going strong since the ‘80s - and this slot hits as hard as their tunes. We may have said that before, but the Testament slot has genuinely taken Play’n Go’s infamous knack for volatility up a notch… and this slot pushes all boundaries.

This is a game where the free spins rounds rule - and though they may not roll around too often, they’ll amp up the thrills when they do. You’re looking at wins of up to 20,000 times your stake, from 243 to 2,400 ways to win and an RTP of 96.20% - and as we mentioned, even higher volatility action than we’ve seen from Play’n Go in the past. 


More than meets the eye

Testament may not be up there in the Big Four of thrash metal, but they’ve certainly made their mark as a successful thrash metal band from the States. Originally named ‘Legacy’, they’ve been dishing out killer albums since 1987, and have remained to be a hugely popular name in the thrash metal genre. 

Most of the Play’n Go rock slots we’ve seen so far have put an emphasis on the individual band members, but the Testament slot instead features their biggest songs. In fact, one of the features even changes depending on which song is playing… but more on that later. 


Rise up to killer features

Free spins lovers are going to kill for this slot, since there’s plenty of them to be found. It all starts with the Song Feature, which kicks in when you land two of the Dark Roots of Earth scatter symbols on the reels. This will trigger three free spins, with one of three features attached to it:
  • Dark Roots of Earth: Wilds that land during free spins will expand up or down the reels
  • Cold Embrace: When a wild lands, it will remain in place for the remainder of the free spins
  • Throne of Thorns: The reels will expand from the regular 5x3 grid to increase the paylines to 2,400 ways to win
The awesome thing about this feature is that the song of the same name will play during the round, which is your indicator of which feature has been triggered. And of course the features are thematically matched to the song titles, roots grow, cold freezes and so on...

So that’s what happens when you land two scatters… but land three and the real fun begins. This will trigger the Rise Up Free Spins feature, where you’ll be awarded nine free spins and you’ll see the expanded reels appear above with blockers on them. Whenever an additional scatter lands during this round, it will remove the blocker above it… and if you manage to remove all nine blockers, the Testament Free Spins round will kick in. 

During Testament Free Spins, an extra three spins will be added to your total, and all three of the Song Features will also be triggered. If you can line your luck up to hit this round, you could be in for a game-changer, since it’s here that those maximum prizes of up to 20,000 times your stake lie. 


Practise what you preach

We’ve loved all of Play’n Go’s rock slots, particularly the fact that they’ve all been different in their own way. But being lovers of high volatility action (and we can’t stress enough - really high volatility action), Testament takes the cake. It’s pushing limits, it’s got whopping prizes on offer, and it’s got a killer soundtrack to boot. Seriously, what more could we ask for?


Play Testament HERE

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