Red Tiger’s hit new slot Aztec Spins has a spinning new twist

Find out what makes Aztec Spins so unique - and why you’re gonna wanna take it for a spin

We’ve seen some quirkier slots come from Red Tiger of late, and the MC Crüe is loving the never ending twists. The newly released Aztec Spins is no exception - and the uniquely fun bonus wheel gives slot-playing a much-need refreshment. 

Like many of Red Tiger’s releases, Aztec Spins offers high volatility and thus plenty of opportunity for thrills. It doesn’t offer the highest payouts we’ve ever seen (maximum payout in this slot sits at 4,500 times your bet) - but it’s the multitude of features that will keep you engaged. We’ll go through the features in more detail below, but trust us: this is one slot to watch out for. 


Graphics worthy of the game

Set in ancient Aztec times, Aztec Spins is nothing short of stunning. For every hour of work that’s gone into the development of the game mechanics, it’s safe to say the same has gone into the artwork. With sparkling gold and jewels of emerald lining the 6x4 grid, you’ll see dragons guarding the stage with the ancient Aztec pyramids in a hazy distance. Beneath the grid itself, you might wonder what the big wheel does. Well, this actually has quite an important function, and is in fact what makes the game so unique. 

It’s not called ‘Spins’ for nothing

So, that wheel we just mentioned? It’s actually what determines which feature you can trigger. If you look closely, you’ll see the icons on the wheel range from free spins to multipliers and symbols - and each has a function of its own. The wheel will spin behind the grid as you spin the wheels… and if you manage to land a golden 2x2 wheel symbol smack bang in the middle of the third and fourth reels, the fun begins. Whichever icon of the bonus wheel sits above the main pointer in the centre section above the reels will become part of your next feature. And of those, there are a whole bunch to think about.


Locked Symbols: If the wheel displays a symbol, the third and fourth reels will be filled with this same symbol, which will lock in place. The reels will then spin until you hit a win - and until then, any additional symbols of that kind will also lock in place.

Stacking Multiplier: The multiplier is always set at 10x, and will be applied to your next win. However, if you hit the multiplier prize on the bonus wheel before landing a win, the multiplier will stack, up to a total of 30x. If you manage to stack the multiplier to 30x and land it again, instead of a multiplier, the bonus wheel will trigger a respin. The 30x multiplier will still apply to your next win, so this is definitely a fun little feature. 

Wheel Respin: Like the name suggests, if the wheel lands on this it will trigger a respin of all reels. 

Free Spins: This is where things get pretty intense. Landing the free spins symbol on the bonus wheel will trigger 12 free spins where the bonus wheel is triggered more frequently. If you manage to land the free spins symbol during the round, you’ll trigger an additional six free spins - so things can escalate pretty quickly in this round. 


Take it for a spin

Innovation is always welcome in our books, and Red Tiger offers exactly that with their new Aztec Spins release. The bonus wheel adds an edge of excitement to the game, since in addition to knowing that you’ve triggered a feature, there’s the thrill of finding out which one. No, it’s not as high-paying as some of Red Tiger’s previous slots, but it’s definitely an engaging slot that brings things back to where they should be: fun. 


Play Aztec Spins HERE



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