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Play’n Go’s electrifying sequel Reactoonz 2 is now on the grid

Reactoonz 2 is here, and it’s everything you liked about the first game, and more...

If we were asked to name 10 huge hit slots over the years, their grid-style slot filled with googly-eyed monsters is sure to come to mind. On a 7x7 grid with cascading wins and plenty of bubbly action, it’s definitely become an icon in many casino lobbies - so much so, they’ve taken it for round two in Reactoonz 2. 

The sequel has all the same characters you’ll recognise from before, along with similar features to keep you energised… but now with two collection meters (instead of the initial one) and slight tweaks to the modifiers. It’s still high volatility, it’s still a 7x7 grid, and while the RTP has decreased ever so slightly to 96.2%, the maximum win potential has risen to up to 5,083 times your stake, making it definitely a game worth checking out. 


Meet the Reactoonz for Round Two

In terms of looks, not much has changed from the original slot… but we wouldn’t want it to. The cute little critters with googly eyes (some with one, some with two, and if you’re lucky, some with three) are all back, ready to take you for a ride. Like the original, the game actually has a bit of a Candy Crush feel to it, particularly with the cascading wins feature, which comes into effect when you land a win. The cascade feature also has an impact on the features, which we’ll go through below. 


Fill up on features

One of the main differences you’ll notice in the sequel is that there are two meters on the side of the grid to fill up. The first is the Fluctometer, which is charged each time you land a winning combination with a fluctuating symbol (a randomly-chosen one-eyed character). Each time this happens, an electric wild will also land in one of the vacant spaces. When the Fluctometer is completely full, up to three electric wilds will be awarded onto the grid.

The second meter to charge is the Quantumeter, which is charged one level each time an electric wild zaps a regular symbol to fill its place. If you collect 55, 85, 110 or 135 charges, you’ll unlock Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively, which each have their own type of wild modifier:

Level 1: Awards four 1x1 Energoon wilds

Level 2: Awards one 2x2 Energoon wild

Level 3: Awards one 3x3 Gargantoon wild

Level 4: Awards a 2x multiplier for any win

If you happen to land a 3x3 Gargantoon wild (this is the three-eyed critter we mentioned earlier) and it triggers a win, on each consecutive cascade it will break down. First it will break into two 2x2 symbols, before breaking further into nine single symbols to give you even more chances to win.

At the end of this feature, if there are two or more electric wilds left on the reels, the Wild Pair Explosion feature is released, which acts differently depending on where the electric wilds are sitting. If they’re adjacent, then all symbols (except wilds) are removed from the grid, and if they’re not, all symbols between them (except wilds) will be removed. This can work quite well in your favour, since even though the removed symbols won’t pay out, they will still count towards the Quantumeter, helping you to kick off the feature again. 


Take it to the top

Although the mechanics of Reactoonz 2 are slightly similar to those of the original, we definitely think it was worth Play’n Go taking it for another whirl. It’s all the same action we loved from the first, but with more - and with even higher maximum wins to aim for, the sequel certainly has the potential to become just as popular. 




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