The official Ozzy Osbourne slot, here at Metal Casino

Read all about the Prince of Darkness’ official NetEnt slot and get ready to bark at the moon!

2019 has been a pretty epic year for rock slots, but this one really takes the cake. Finally we can announce that our iconic ambassador, Ozzy Osbourne, will release his very own slot with the help of NetEnt on November 21st. And just like his music, his stories and his epic stage performances, the Ozzy Osbourne slot is nothing short of legendary. 


You heard it here first

When Ozzy Osbourne first joined our Crazy Train as the face of Metal Casino, we didn’t just sign him up and take a bunch of photos. We really talked to the guy and got to know him properly. He’s not just the face of our brand, but he’s a fan himself. He loves to spin the slots, and he’s in it for the thrills. So becoming part of the Metal Casino Crüe was a natural move. 

We don’t want to brag (even though we’re going to), but the fact that Ozzy’s now got a new slot isn’t news to us. You see, we talked to him last year about his ultimate slot if one were created for him - and he basically dreamed it all up, right there on the spot. He wanted a slot filled with bats and devils and darkness… and with the help of gaming developer NetEnt, that’s exactly what was created.

You won’t wanna stop

If you’re at all familiar with Ozzy Osbourne and his style, you probably have a picture in mind of what his official slot would look like. And trust us, it’s bang on. Everything from his iconic logo to bats, skulls, lightning bolts and all things dark have been included, and there’s no mistaking this slot for any other theme. This has Ozzy written all over it.

What we think is awesome about this slot is that it doesn’t just look great… it plays great too. There’s plenty of substance in there, with medium volatility to give you plenty of winning action. The return to player sits between 96.30% and 96.67% which is well above average - and after just a few spins on the slot, we were confident that this would be a hit.

The slot itself is also packed with unique features that will definitely keep you on your toes. It’s the Charge Up feature that really stands out for us, and this uses both a Symbol Spinner and Feature Spinner to kick into gear during respins and free spins. Whenever these are activated (two scatters for respins; three for free spins), the Charge Up feature begins. 

During Charge Up, you’ll see symbols spin in both the Symbol Spinner and Feature Spinner in the upper part of the screen. The landing feature will determine the action taken, and the landing symbol will be what the action applies to. This could be either coin wins, multipliers, symbols turning into wilds or symbols turning into higher paying symbols. There’s also the added feature of activating the free spins round - and if you trigger this during Charge Up, you’ll retrigger even more free spins. 

Another cool feature of the slot is the Bonus Bet option, which is totally at your choosing. By flicking this on, you’ll double your bet with each spin, but you’ll also increase the chances of hitting a win and triggering the features… plus you’ll get more spins during the free spins round, and higher multipliers. Just like Ozzy, this game can rock really hard, and it’s fun to have the option to meddle with just how hard you’re willing to go. 

The entire time you’re playing, you’ll be shredding along to original Ozzy hits, plus you’ll also get rewarded with the odd video clip of original Ozzy performances. Like most slots there’s always the option to mute it all… but in an Ozzy Osbourne-themed slot, why the hell would you?


Jump on the Crazy Train

Thanks to our mates at NetEnt, the Ozzy Osbourne slot is officially here at Metal Casino, ready to create legendary stories of its own. You’ve got the choice to play it across any desktop, mobile or tablet device, so you can literally rock out as hard as you like. 

Maybe we’re biased (and can you blame us?) but we’re calling it: this slot is our all-time favourite. It’s dark, it’s legendary… and it’s got everything we love about Ozzy Osbourne himself.


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