A new generation of rock - Make hard rock history with the new Black Mamba slot from Play’n Go!

If you haven’t yet heard of Black Mamba, you’re going to want to check them out. This hard rock band from Italy may only be up-and-coming… but their powerful music has already pricked up ears around the world. And now with their very own slot game from Play’n Go, they’re set to join the leagues of legendary rock and metal bands like Demon, Sabaton, Guns n’ Roses and the like.


So, who are Black Mamba?

We’ve seen Play’n Go launch loads of rock slots this year, and until now, they’ve only been based around the legends. So we got a bit of a surprise to see that Black Mamba is the basis for the new slot… but it was a good surprise. We love discovering fresh sounds, and this hard rock band from Italy sure is that.

The four of them - Martina Cori on vocals, Alexandra Maiolo on guitar, Cecilia Nappo on base and Fred Maragoni on drums - released their debut album Heritage in 2017, and have gone on to make serious waves. They’re in huge demand for festivals around Europe in 2020, and if you’re at all interested in the hard rock scene, you’re sure to hear about these guys real soon. Their sound is unique, reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, and totally infectious - and we love everything about them.


And what about the slot?

Whether or not you’re a fan of the band, if you’re a fan of Play’n Go’s notorious high volatility slots, you’re going to love this one. It’s set on a 5x5 grid (which is made to look like a stage) and uses the cluster pays mechanism to pay out. That means instead of traditional paylines, you’ll be awarded when three or more matching symbols connect either horizontally or vertically. Also, when you land a winning cluster it will then disappear to allow more symbols to drop into place for another potential win. Each time this happens, a win multiplier will increase by 1x.

In terms of features, there’s actually quite a lot going on, and each of the band members has their own part to it. To the left of the grid, you’ll always see one member - and depending on who is active, one of the following features can be randomly triggered on any non-winning spin:

Alexandra: You’ll see two symbol sets (low paying symbols) taken away from the grid to allow for new symbols

Cecilia: One or two wilds will be added to the grid

Fred: He’ll transform one set of low-paying symbols into another set

Martina: This feature can only be triggered during the Concert Feature or the free spins round (both of which we’ll go through) and sees the entire bottom row removed except for wilds. Any instance of band symbols will be replaced by Martina’s symbol

So that’s the main features during the base game… but there are still a few others. To the side of the grid you’ll also see a Charge Meter, which fills up when you land wins with band members. When you fill it up to four levels, the Concert Feature will kick into action - but fill it up to all six levels and you’ll also carry over the win multiplier to the feature. During the Concert Feature, each of the four rockers will take their turn performing their act and giving you extra chances to win.

If you manage to clear the grid of all symbols, the free spins round will activate. This can also be a lucrative round, since you’ll win multipliers on winning spins, and the band features on any non-winning spin. The round can also be retriggered by filling up the Charge Mater, giving you plenty of opportunity to win more from a single bet.


Play it loud

Like we said, you may not have heard of Black Mamba before… but you should definitely give their slot (and their music) a try. Aside from being another quality rock slot from Play’n Go, it’s filled with original music from the band and plenty of fun feature action. Who doesn’t love discovering a new band anyway?


Play the game here: https://www.metalcasino.com/en/play/black-mamba

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