Get your hands on our thrashy action figures

Rare collectibles from Scott Ian and Gary Holt up for grabs in Merch Room

Our Merch Room is updated with 2 new exclusive items for you to snatch before they're gone. When thrash metal legends Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus) were in the process of releasing their own limited edition never-to-be-produced-again action figures, we made sure that they put some aside for our players. And now when the rest of them are long gone (cause they sold out fast...) and can't be bought in any merch shop - they are safe with us, waiting to be collected with your metcoins.


Scott Ian Official Action Figure
Not only do you get the signed box by the legend himself, but an official figure with his signature Jackson V guitar, along with detachable hands and heads to depict his metal face and his zombie guest appearance on The Walking Dead. Oh, and did we mention it’s sold out, never to be produced again?


Gary Holt Figurine
If Gary Holt was ever to be shrunk down whilst wearing one of his iconic t-shirts, well, this is the result. The only batch ever made of these hand-painted bad boys sold out immediately… so consider this guy actual metal gold. Each figurine is numbered on the bottom, so you’ll know it’s legit - and there’s nothing like a mini Gary to watch over your solo sessions.

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