Shred for mega wins with Relax Gaming

Mega Masks just dropped - and it’s packed with mega features for mega thrills

Though they may be better known for helping other game providers get their slots into the world, Relax Gaming’s own folio of slots is getting increasingly more thrilling. It’s almost like they’re seeing everything their competitors are doing, and creating games that are bigger, better and packed with more originality. Their new slot Mega Masks is a great example of this, taking players deep into the Guatemalan jungle to find unique features and varying volatility.

The base game starts with medium volatility (3/5 on Relax Gaming’s scale) and an RTP of 96.21%, which is already quite generous. But if you dare to venture down the Mega Bets route, where there are two options to choose from, the volatility can pick up to the highest end of the scale, with the RTP also increasing to up to 96.61%. We’ll have a closer look at the Mega Bets feature below, so stay tuned to find out what makes this slot mega-exciting. 


Welcome to the Jungle

Following a common trend in the Relax Gaming folio, Mega Masks is nothing short of stunning when it comes to the graphics. There’s clearly been a lot of work and effort put in here, and the 3D, stylised version of the Guatemalan jungle creates a dark and mysterious element to the game. The game itself gets its name from the mask symbol, which is a tribal-style mask that can appear to trigger bonus features. It’s definitely an engaging game, and gets a big horns up from us when it comes to the graphics and animations. 


Mega features

True to its name, a Mega Mask symbol can appear randomly at any time during the base game. When it does, you’ll see two or more of the reels merge together and trigger at least one mega symbol to help award more wins. 

If you land three bonus symbols on the first, third and fifth reels, you’ll trigger the epic free spins round, where you’ll start with 10 free spins. During the round, fireflies will appear and clear artifacts from between the reels - and if you happen to clear five artifacts, you’ll be awarded an extra two free spins to keep you going.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. To the side of the reels, you’ll see a Mega Bets option, where there are two levels to choose from. Each will increase your bet (of course) but you’ll also increase the frequency of the Mega Mask appearing. Level Two is the higher option, and that’s where you’re going to see that higher volatility and maximum RTP kick in. The cool thing about Mega Bets is that if it’s activated when the free spins round is triggered, before the round begins, you’ll see extra artifacts cleared from the reels, giving you more chances to win. Level One will remove five of the artifacts, and Level Two will remove nine in total. At the top level, you’ll have the chance to play for prizes of up to 2,451.9 times your stake, making it incredibly worth your while!


Get shreddin’

We love a slot that gives us a little extra control over how we play, and the Mega Bets option in this new Relax Gaming hit is a winner. The game itself is visually stunning, and kept us spinning for ages to see what would happen next. We definitely recommend taking Mega Masks for a spin of your own to see it in action - and just wait until that epic free spins round kicks in!


Play Mega Masks HERE

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