John Hunter’s latest adventure: An oldie but a goodie

Pragmatic Play’s new take on the ‘Book of’ slot hits the mark once again

Let’s just get this out there: John Hunter and The Book of Tut is quite clearly another slot inspired by Novomatic’s classic Book of Ra slot. First of all, it’s Egyptian, and second of all, it all comes down to the highly volatile free spins round with special expanding symbols. It’s really nothing you haven’t seen before - but when the model was so good in the first place, what’s not to love?

This is Pragmatic Play’s fourth crack at the model, and we do have to say that it’s been a successful one. Using their John Hunter character to give the game a little life of its own, this high volatility slot offers a generous RTP of 96.5%, along with potential payouts of up to 5,000 times your bet. Those that have been loving the ‘Book of’ slots thus far (and from our records, that’s actually quite a lot of you), are sure to get a huge kick out of this new addition to the line.

Head back to ancient times

While we could argue that the ancient Egypt theme has been overdone, we do have to admit that it’s forever pleasing on the eye. And in the instance of John Hunter and The Book of Tut, it’s especially eye-catching with glinting reels and extra attention to detail. As you spin, you’ll see all the usual suspects in the game: King Tut himself, cats, scarabs and other Egyptian-style symbols. Though it’s nothing particularly new, Pragmatic Play’s graphics team has evidently taken things up a notch to impress players with a new standard of what the Egyptian slot should look like.
Familiar features

If you’ve ever played a ‘Book of’ slot, you’ll know there’s really not much going on in the base game. At all. But that’s okay, because the free spins round more than makes up for this. To trigger it, you’ll need to land at least three book scatters symbols on the reels - and the more you can, the better. Three scatters award a 2x prize, four scatters award a 20x prize, and five scatters award a 200x prize, which is definitely a nice little way to kick things off.

The next action is one that won’t surprise: a book will be opened to reveal your special symbol, which is selected at random. If this symbol lands during the round, it will expand to cover the reel and give you extra chances to win.

Once you’re in the free spins round, you’ll have 10 free spins to play with. And while that doesn’t seem like a lot, you can trigger more free spins by landing another three or more scatters during the round. There’s also no limit to how many times you can do this, so it could potentially end up being quite lucrative.

Forever a classic

That whole ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ rule truly applies to the ‘Book of’ model - and John Hunter and The Book of Tut is no exception. Though the game does function more or less the same as other ‘Book of’ slots, it has been created with its own unique set of maths, making it definitely worth a spin. And hey, if anything - the graphics are better, the RTP is generous and it’s a solidly popular game model… so, what's not to like?


Play John Hunter and the Book of Tut HERE

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