Honouring Ozzy, our metal hero


Bark at the Moon with 50 daily spins on Ozzy’s new slot and a signed merch prize draw!

Looking back, this has been one of the most mental festive seasons we’ve had so far. We’ve given out daily doses of 50 bonus spins since the beginning of December, along with some pretty hard-to-get signed merch from the likes of Jonathan Davis, David Ellefson and Gary Holt. 

But this week takes the cake, since this is the week we’re honouring our legendary ambassador Ozzy Osbourne. He’s been with us since early 2018 and even spilled the beans on what his ultimate slot would look like… and now that it’s finally been created with the help of NetEnt, it’s time to do it justice. 


The Crazy Train has taken off

The hard truth is, we would probably recommend Ozzy’s slot even if it wasn’t great. After all, he’s our main man. But the good news is that this slot doesn’t suck in the slightest - and NetEnt have perfectly captured everything Ozzy’s about. Bats, angels, demons, original music - it’s all in there, and it’s packed with reasons to play. 

The wicked thing about this medium volatility slot is the Charge Up feature, which uses a Symbol Spinner and Feature Spinner to determine the active feature. When you manage to charge up the meter, you’ll see both spinners start to eventually land on one symbol and one feature to apply to that symbol. This could be a coin win, symbol multiplier, wild feature, symbol upgrade, or, best of all, free spins. It’s a fun way to manage the features, and paired with maximum prizes of 10,000 times your stake and an RTP between 96.3% and 96.67%, this is one slot to write home about. 


Here’s the deal

For every day this week that you deposit €50 or more, we’ll give you 50 bonus spins on Ozzy Osbourne that day. Sound good? There’s more. If you’ve made at least one deposit by 31 December and opted in to our draw, you’ll also have the chance to win a Shure SM58 microphone signed by none other than the Prince of Darkness himself. It’s not every day you come across these sort of prizes, and it’s not every day we give them away, so you’d do good to enter this one and avoid missing out. 


How does it work?

In case you’re new to our festive promotion (and you’re just in time) head to our promo page to see all the details. Basically though, you just need to opt in this week, deposit at least €50 to enter the draw, and we’ll also give you those 50 spins. Deposit €50 or more the next day (or any day this week until 31 December) and we’ll give you another set of 50 bonus spins for that day. 

On that note, it is getting close to the end of the year now, and we’ve got our own festive gatherings to attend to… so have a Merry Metal Christmas from all of us. Metal Casino Crüe out!

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