Honouring the metal heroes

Play with the legends this festive season for epic merch prizes & bonus spins!

So, it’s Christmas again - and since jingle bells, tinsel and stories about red-nosed reindeer ain’t really our style, this December we’re doing something a little different. Instead, we’re honouring our metal heroes during the festive season, and looking back at some of the top rock and metal slots. We’ve also got some epic merch up for grabs, along with bonus spins to score every day of the month. Get the scoop here and find out how to win!


First of all, why are we doing this?

2019 was a huge year for the metal and rock slot scene. We’ve seen some awesome new slots released from the likes of Play’n Go and NetEnt, all of which make a wicked addition to the existing lineup of killer slots in our folio. So, we figured there wasn’t a better way to finish up an epic year than by honouring the legends themselves.


What do you get out of it?

Loads, actually. Each week we’ll be focusing on a different metal slot, and dishing out 50 bonus spins every day if you deposit €50 or more each day. If you opt-in to our draw for the week and make at least one deposit of €50 or more, you’ll also get the chance to win one of four mad merch prizes, all of which are signed by one of our legendary metal stars. We’re talking a Jackson bass signed by David Ellefson, a guitar signed by Gary Holt, and microphones signed by Jonathan Davis or Ozzy Osbourne. This is the real deal. 


Sounds sick right? Here’s what you need to do.

Just visit our promo page each week to see the slot in focus. Make sure you opt in (because who wouldn’t want to win one of these epic prizes?) and make one deposit of €50 or more that week. Don’t forget, each day you deposit €50, you’ll also score 50 bonus spins on the slot of the week. Seriously… this is the one Christmas casino promo you’re not going to want to miss. 

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