Play your way to herodom with Heroes' Gathering (Relax Gaming)

Relax Gaming’s new hit is where the winners are at

An epic new slot from Relax Gaming just hit, and we’re not going to lie, we’ve been going hard at it. This five-by-three slot has this kind of board game functionality to it, making it a little different from your average slot. The game is called Heroes’ Gathering, and it features a bunch of medieval-style heroes who’ll join together to help you play for some awesome prizes. Check out the features below to learn more about how it works. 


Gaming at its best

The thing that really struck us about Heroes’ Gathering is the board game-feel it has. It kind of takes you back to the good old days and makes gaming fun again. There are two features to trigger (which we’ll go through below) - but it all revolves around landing certain symbols to work your way around a board game and collect the amulets you need to hit the really big prizes. 

Heroes’ Gathering is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to volatility, and with 20 paylines and wins of up to 2000 times your bet to play for, there’s definitely an opportunity to go big in this game.


There’s nothing boring about board games

As we mentioned earlier, the features of Heroes’ Gathering are what gives the game its board game-feel. There are two to activate:

Board Game Main Feature: This is triggered by landing three bonus symbols on the first, third and fifth reels. You’ll then be awarded as many spins as it takes for you to collect one of three amulets (and the longer it takes you to do this, the better, since the more spins you’ll get). There are three types of these, each corresponding to their own symbol group: Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Basically, in this feature your aim is to work your way around a board game, which you’ll do by spinning the wheel when you land a wheel symbol. If you land on a blank corner position, you’ll score extra spins… and if you finish one ‘lap’ of the board game, you’ll see all pins removed, so you’ll essentially have retriggered the spins round. When you’ve collected three of the symbols by landing on a position corresponding to the amulet, you’ll collect the pot prize, which is built up of twice the payline of every winning spin with that symbol. 

Board Game Mini Feature: If you haven’t quite got the three bonus symbols to trigger the main feature, two bonus symbols on any of the first, third and fifth reels will trigger the mini feature. Here, you’re also trying to spin as much as you can before you collect the three amulet pieces, which is also determined by the pawn icon moving around the board game. You won’t win as big prizes in the mini feature, but you can still score a nice little random prize.


Take it for a spin

We get it, the features above do seem a little complicated at first… but once you’ve played the features at least once, you’ll see what we love about this slot so much. Don’t be put off by the intricate details - it’s definitely fun to try something new, and we definitely think this is a slot to try out for yourself. 


Play Heroes' Gathering HERE

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