Hear Ozzy rise from Under The Graveyard - with first new song in 9 years!

Metal Casino's brand ambassador Ozzy Osbourne has released his first new solo music in almost 10 years today, November 8. A massive ballad that builds into a searing rocker, it’s the first single from Ozzy's upcoming album Ordinary Man, due out on Epic Records in early 2020. So, after health issues and grave silence for what feels like forever - Ozzy is back with new music AND his own video slot all in the same month. If this isn't a sign that the Prince Of Darkness is not going anywhere anytime soon, we don't know what is...

“This album was a gift from my higher power–it is proof to me that you should never give up,” 

After working with producer Andrew Watt, laying vocals on Post Malone's song "Take What You Want" ft Ozzy & Travis Scott, they decided to keep working together for a new solo album. And only a few months later Ozzy's first album in almost 10 years was done. Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features producer Andrew Watt on guitars, Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) on bass and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums.

“This is quite possibly the most important album I have done in a very long time, probably since No More Tears.”

–Ozzy Osbourne

“It all started when Kelly (his daughter) comes in and says ‘do you want to work on a Post Malone song?’” Ozzy explains. “My first thing was ‘who the fuck is Post Malone?!’ I went to Andrew’s  house and he said we will work really quick. After we finished that song, he said ‘would you be interested in starting an album.’ I said ‘that would be fucking great, but now I am thinking I don’t want to be working in a basement studio for six months! And in just a short time, we had the album done. Duff and Chad came in and we would go in and jam during the day and I would go work out the songs in the evenings. I previously had said to Sharon I should be doing an album, but in the back of my mind I was going ‘I haven’t got the fucking strength…’ but Andrew pulled it out of me. I really hope people listen to it and enjoy it, because I put my heart and soul into this album.”

Listen to the song on Spotify here!

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