Big Winner: Swedish woman wins €30,000 jackpot on Leprechaun Goes To Hell!

How one lucky Swede turned a mere €2.50 spin into an epic €30,000

Things have been pretty noisy lately at the Metal Casino headquarters, and that’s mainly because we’ve been celebrating too hard. We’ve had not one but two epic winners of late, and we’re absolutely stoked for them. After all, this is what we do it all for!


What’s the scoop?

A few weeks ago one of our British players hit it big when she won €40,000 on Microgaming’s classic Immortal Romance slot. That was kind of awesome since this slot is crazy old now, but it remains to be a popular one. We feel like most people are sort of over the whole Twilight-vampire-craze now (which is what inspired Microgaming to make the slot in the first place) but the features in Immortal Romance really seem to make it, well, immortally fun.

Anyway, we all had our horns up for one lucky Swedish player recently, since on 13 October she hit a killer win. She was playing Play’n Go’s Leprechaun Goes to Hell slot (which we’ll talk about below) and played a spin for €2.50. Seriously, that’s it - €2.50.

That one spin just happened to be the right spin, because the win landed on the jackpot and the figure just kept going, stopping at a whopping €30,000. We’re not sure what our female players have been doing differently lately - but ladies, whatever you’re doing, keep that slot shreddin’ action up!


The lucky slot

The lucky slot in question is funnily enough, based on a supposedly lucky leprechaun… but not like you’ve seen before. Leprechaun Goes to Hell by Play’n Go is actually kind of the opposite to all Irish luck-themed slots, since it’s less about traditional shamrock fun and more about the random adventures of a rogue leprechaun. Play’n Go has definitely launched some quirky slots in their time, and as the sequel to Leprechaun Goes Egypt, this, for sure, is one of them.

If Leprechaun Goes to Hell is anything to go by, hell doesn’t seem like such a bad place in the end. There are four progressive jackpots, two free spins rounds and loads more waiting within the game, making it a winner in our books. It’s a medium volatility slot, and we found the wins to hit quite frequently, so it felt like we could play for quite a while before our balance started to drop. We did find the wins often weren’t that big, but that’s sort of normal for a slot of this type, since if you really want to go for those holy-hell-did-that-just-happen moments, you kind of need to play a slot with higher volatility.

For example, the highest of the progressive jackpots in this game generally sits around the €10,000 mark (except in the case of our lucky Swedish winner), which definitely is nowhere near as high as the jackpots in slots like Hall of Gods or Mega Fortune. But it pays out much more often than these higher volatility slots, so you’d actually have more chance of hitting it.


Could you be next?

The thing about our big winners is that they’re all completely different, and not one of them shares the same story. They all come from different cities in different countries, and they all have different levels of risks they’ll take. We’ve had single mums hit it big with €0.10 bets, we’ve had 20-something students take the jackpot, and we’ve had high rollers earn a crust for the day.

One thing’s for sure: the only way to find out if you could be next is to get shredding and have a crack at the slots yourself. Who knows, maybe there’s a still a lot of luck left in Leprechaun Goes to Hell? ???

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