Razor-sharp thrills in 6 Wild Sharks

4ThePlayer’s hit new slot ramps things up with a unique Advanced Mode

From the surface, 6 Wild Sharks by 4ThePlayer (via Relax Gaming) may look pretty basic… but once you learn all about the two modes it offers, you’ll start seeing where the thrills kick in. Set out at sea amongst a pack of hungry sharks, this slot gives off Jaws vibes to give it an eerie edge that is sure to keep you on your toes. 

Though it is a relatively simple game once you get into it, it’s not without its fun, offering maximum wins of 10,368 times your stake and a massive 4,096 ways to win. The base RTP of 96.5% and high volatility also make it quite generous, so if you’re happy to stick around for the free spins round, you could be in some splash-worthy prizes. We’ll go through the features and the two modes below, so read on to find out more. 


Sharp graphics

Sometimes it’s the simplest themes that win us over, and 6 Wild Sharks has hit the mark. As you spin, you’ll follow deep sea divers as they journey through the waters to avoid the sharks and pick up the prizes they guard. The main symbol to look out for is the shark behind bars, or rather the locked wild, which becomes quite prominent in both the Advanced Mode and also free spins. 


Pick your poison

The cool thing about 6 Wild Sharks is that from the beginning, you can choose the mode you play in: Classic or Advanced. Advanced Mode will cost you a little more with each bet, but we recommend giving it a try, since it is definitely more eventful than Classic Mode. 

Basically, reels one, two, five and six can all contain locked wilds - and in Advanced Mode, you get to choose how many will remain in place for each of your spins. The more wilds you lock in place, the higher your stake will become… and it can get as high as 32x your stake if you select all the wilds across all available reels. Nonetheless, the wilds do give you more chances of winning, so it can be worth having a play with it to strike the right balance.

There is a free spins mode to look out for, and this is played differently, depending on which mode you’re in. In either mode, the free spins round is triggered by landing two scatter symbols on the third and fourth reels. Two additional scatters during the round will also trigger an additional three spins. 

If you’re in Classic Mode, you’ll be awarded 15 free spins to start with… but you can trade some of these for up to six locked wilds during the round. If you trade for the maximum six wilds, you’ll be left with just one spin, so it could be worth aiming for somewhere in the middle.

In Advanced Mode, you’ll score 10 free spins, plus the locked wilds already in place will remain there. And, if you land additional wilds, they’ll also stick in place until the round has come to an end. 


Go Wild

6 Wilds Sharks certainly is a simple game, but we actually really loved the Advanced Mode with the locked wilds. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than it first looks, but having that ability to control how many wilds stick in place is a fun addition that we thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re after a high volatility game with those big wins, the Advanced Mode is the way to do it, especially when the free spins round kicks in. Give it a whirl yourself and see what we mean - it’s definitely well worth checking out. 




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