1,944 ways to set your prizes alight with Skulls UP! (Quickspin)

Learn what we love about the fiery new slot, Skulls Up!

Gaming provider Quickspin has always been ahead of their game with fun features - and though we’d love to see them release more rock-style slots, their new release doesn’t disappoint. Skulls Up! breaks away from the usual five-by-three grid to allow for a grid that grows over time with certain symbols. We’ll go more into this below, but there’s good news for you: this slot will thrill  you in all sorts of ways. 


What make this slot so fun, matey? 

To start with, Quickspin have featured a fun theme based on the original pyromaniacs themselves: pirates. You’ll join a swashbuckling gang of fire-loving pirates on their quest for gold… and you’ll get to blow up a lot of stuff along the way. It’s definitely not an original theme, but it’s lighthearted and funny, so you know you’ll be in for a good time. 

We also quite enjoy the way the slot changes over time, and we don’t just mean the features, but the grid and gameplay itself. Your standard three rows can grow up to six, and while you’ll start with 243 ways to win, this can also grow up to 1,944 ways with the maximum rows. There’s quite a bit going on in this slot, and that’s even before the features kick in. 


Features of fire

The slot features quite a few skeletons… and at a guess, that’s probably because so many of the pirates died from fire explosions. All the main features in this game revolve around fire... and boy, are they fiery. 

Firstly, you’ll notice two types of wilds in the game: regular and flaming. The latter will trigger the Flaming Respins feature when it lands. Before this feature kicks off, for every wild or Flaming Wild you see, an additional symbol will be placed above it, until the rows have reached a maximum of six. The reels will respin - and as long as you keep landing more wilds, this will keep on happening. 

The most thrilling feature is of course the Flaming Free Spins feature, triggered by landing three scatters. You’ll get eight free rounds here, and the best part is that the Flaming Respin rules still apply - so those eight free spins can turn into much more if you’re lucky. 


Get your guns blazing

From the fun theme and graphics to the thrilling features and changing nature of the grid, we’re all for Skulls Up! It’s a true example of how Quickspin is playing with the norm and finding unique ways to entertain slot players… and we’re more than welcome of the change. 


Play Skulls UP! HERE

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